ondersteuning bij huidproblemen

Blackie is our lovely black en white ex-tom-cat, about 16 years of age. He choose to live with us about 10 years ago. Unlucky for him, he had a skin problem. Every summer when the weather got warm, he had this itching on his back. Because of the scratching, little wounds appeared witch made the itching even worse. It kept Blackie awake and it made him restless and tired.

I went to the vet a few times and it was diagnosed as flee-allergy. The pills that were prescribed only helped a little bit. Of course I took a lot of effort keeping everything in the house flee-free. I’m so glad with the help Helen gave us a few months ago. It was the right timing also;  just before summer! It’s the best that could ever happen to Blackie. Helen did a Healing Touch treatment on Blacky beginning of June. She also gave him a homeopathic remedy. I can state Helen works with respect for animal and owner.

After about one week, Helen asked me how it went. It was a little bit early to tell, because the weather hadn’t been warm yet.  But to our surprise, Blackie’s nose had stopped dripping that caused him to sneeze many times during the day! That was a very nice start. After about 3 weeks the weather got really hot and we were very happy to say: Blackie had no skin problems at all. During the long hot summer, his fur became thicker and more shiny than ever. (Maybe it’ll work for me too!…) I was even two weeks late to give him anti flee treatment. I asked Helen if it was still necessary to apply this on him. She “tuned in” with Blackie and advised to give him the flee treatment still.

From the middle of June during the long hot summer everything went so well with Blackie. We can even see a change in behaviour. Blackie is more assertive, where at first he was more at the background. Now he lets us know what he wants!

This was the amazing story of Blackie our sweet four legged companion! With many many thanks to Helen Panneman, whom we can recommend to other pets owners.

Egbertien L., Drachten