hulp bij trauma's

Two years ago, we adopted our then five year old crossbreed Jack Russel Idéfix from the dog shelter where she had been living for over a year. She was extremely shy, didn’t want to be petted and was overall an anxious little dog. After a while she gained confidence in us, but still showed unpredictable behaviour and reacted fearful and sometimes agressive towards visitors. She didn’t seem to want or know how to play either.

A friend recommended Helen Panneman who sent us an extensive questionnaire which we had to fill out. Ms Panneman then visited us at our home and treated Idéfix, who was scared initially and tried to walk away, but soon settled down and seemed to be receptive to the treatment. Ms Panneman discovered, by feeling Idéfix’ energy, that the dog actually held on to a lot of grief. After removing energy blockages and working with aromatic oils, Ms Panneman gave us homeopathic remedies for Idéfix and soon there was a clear change in the dog. She seemed more balanced and relaxed and she reacted less fiercely to visitors. Ms Panneman kept in contact, inquired about the dog’s well being and sent us a report about her visit and findings. After a second treatment, Idéfix now even initiates play and starts ‘purring’ when we stroke her.

Overall, Idéfix is a lot happier.

We highly appreciate Ms Panneman’s professional and confidential way of working and all she has done for our Idéfix.

Angela M., De Meern.